Oxford Speedway Supporters Club Constitution


1.      Name of Club


a)      The name of the club shall be OXFORD SPEEDWAY SUPPORTERS CLUB


2.      Aims


a)      To raise funds by whatever means to support riders, promoters and others involved in the sport.

b)      To provide a liaison between the supporters and the promoters and riders.

c)      To organise functions for the benefit of the Club’s members.

d)      To arrange, where economically viable, transport for both members and non-members to speedway meetings and other functions.


3.      Membership


a)      Membership shall be by way of annual subscriptions and shall run from the 1st March to the end of February each year.

b)      The level of subscription shall be decided by the Committee which may, at it’s discretion set separate subscriptions for adults, O.A.P.s, children and any other grouping.

c)      The Committee reserve the right to refuse membership of the Club to any individual and to terminate the membership of any individual, by a majority vote at a Committee meeting. Any individual whose membership is thus terminated may elect to appeal against the decision firstly to the Committee and ultimately to the President. No further appeal is permitted. Notice of the decision shall be given as under rule 4. e) below.

d)      Subscriptions will not be refunded under any circumstances.


4.      Committee


a)      The Committee shall comprise 3 Officers, namely Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer plus up to 5 ordinary members to give a maximum total of 8.

b)      Officers and ordinary members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, but the Committee shall be empowered to co-opt members on to the Committee to replace any resignations or expulsions providing the total membership of the Committee do not exceed 8.

c)      If an Officer shall resign or be expelled they shall be replaced from within the Committee or by co-option. Any Officer resigning may remain an ordinary member of the Committee provided that the number of Committee members does not exceed the maximum of 8.

d)      All Committee decisions shall be by majority vote. Committee members may abstain from voting on any issue and in the case of a tied vote the Chairperson shall hold the casting vote. The Chairperson may not vote in other circumstances.

e)      Committee members and Officers may be asked to resign if a majority of the Committee believe that their actions are contrary to the aims of the Club or it’s reputation or that they are not making sufficient effort to discharge their duties. An appeal against the decision may be made to the President whose decision shall be final. The Secretary will explain the circumstances to the member in question and the letter shall be signed by the Chairperson. If either the Chairperson or the Secretary is to be expelled the Treasurer will write or sign the letter as appropriate.


5.      A.G.M.


a)      An Annual General Meeting shall be held within 20 days of the calendar year end. The date, time and venue for the meeting will be notified to members by post 28 days in advance of the meeting by the Secretary. Notice will also be advertised in the press and if possible on the radio.

b)      The meeting shall be open to members and non-members alike although only paid up members shall be permitted to vote. Non-members may address the meeting at the discretion of the Chairperson such permission not being unreasonably withheld.

c)      The Committee reserve the right to prevent any non-members from attending the meeting but if this power is to be exercised the Chairperson is required to explain the reasons. This decision may be reserved by a majority vote from the floor of the meeting (paid up members only being able to vote).

d)      The Secretary shall keep detailed notes on the meeting including any votes taken.

e)      The minutes of the preceding A.G.M. shall be read and, if approved by the meeting, signed by the Secretary and Chairperson. Such approval shall be signified by a proposer and a seconder from the floor, plus a majority vote. Any material alterations shall again be decided by majority vote and any such amendments made before the minutes are signed.

f)        Two Tellers will be appointed by majority vote to count any paper ballots which may be required. The Tellers must be paid up members of the Club.

g)      The cost of the A.G.M. shall be met by the Club although a fee may be charged if any entertainment is organised for after the meeting. Members shall be entitled to a refund of the fee if they leave within 20 minutes of the end of the meeting.

h)      The Officers and Committee members shall be elected at the meeting. The Club President, or a nominated deputy, shall call firstly for nominations for Chairperson, then for Secretary, then for Treasurer and finally for ordinary Committee members. Persons nominated will be required to confirm that they wish to stand and should have both a proposer and seconder.

i)        If only one person is nominated for one of the Officer roles, and if that person agrees to stand, no vote is necessary and that person shall be elected to that post. If more than one person has been properly proposed and seconded then a simple show of hands shall determine who is to be elected. If this does not produce a clear result a paper ballot will be held. The ballot papers will be counted by the Tellers under the Supervision of the President (or nominee).

j)        Once the Officers have been elected, nominations shall be received by the President (or nominee) for the 5 ordinary members. If only 5 nominations are received then those 5 members will be elected without recourse to a vote. If more than 5 nominations are received the 5 to be elected shall be determined by a ballot. Each paid up member of the Club shall be provided with a ballot paper showing the names of the candidates. Each member shall indicate his or her preferred 5 candidates and the ballot papers will be counted by the Tellers under the supervision of the President (or nominee). Those 5 candidates receiving the most votes will be elected. Any ballot paper with less than 5 nominations or which is in any other “spoiled” shall be discounted.

k)      In all matters relating to voting for Officers or ordinary members or in any other matter relating to the A.G.M. the decision of the President shall be final as long as this decision is not at variance with these rules.


6.      President


a)      The Club shall appoint a President who will attend the General Meetings and conduct the election of the Committee. The President shall be elected by a majority vote at any Annual General Meeting or Extra-Ordinary General Meeting.

b)      If the President is unable to attend any Meeting they may nominate a deputy who shall be able to exercise all the powers of the President for the duration of that meeting only.

c)      The Club may have, in addition to a President, any number of Vice-Presidents who shall be elected by majority vote at any Annual General Meeting or Extra-Ordinary General Meeting. Vice-Presidents will generally be or have been members of the Club.

d)      The posts of President and Vice-Presidents are held for life unless cancelled by a majority vote at an Annual General Meeting or Extra-Ordinary General Meeting.


7.      Conduct


a)      All members shall be expected to behave properly to uphold the good name of the Club in particular and the sport in general.

b)      Any member who is reported to the Committee for improper behaviour will be asked to attend a special Committee meeting to explain their actions and shall be liable to expulsion from the Club as provided by these rules or any lesser penalty that the Committee shall determine.


8.      E.G.M.


a)      An Extra-Ordinary General Meeting may be called at any time by the Committee or by a notice signed by no less than 30 paid up members, such notice being handed to the Club President, Chairperson or Secretary.

b)      The time, date and place of any meeting so called will be advertised as per an A.G.M. and at least 14 days notice given.

c)      The E.G.M. shall be conducted by the President, a Vice-President or nominated deputy and any decisions reached by majority vote.

d)      Decisions made at an E.G.M. shall only be valid and binding if a minimum of 50% of total paid up members are present.


9.      Finance


a)      The Treasurer is required to keep accurate records of the Club finances such records to be available to any Club member upon giving reasonable notice to the Treasurer.

b)      Club funds should be deposited in a recognised bank, building society or other such institution, the branch or office being at the discretion of the Treasurer.

c)      The Treasurer will prepare an Income and Expenditure Account to show the financial transactions of the Club such account being presented at the A.G.M.

d)      Precise control of the funds is to be left to the absolute discretion of the Treasurer, except that all orders to the bank, building society to pay away funds of the Club shall be authorised by any 2 of the 3 Officers.

e)      No Officer, Committee member or ordinary member of the Club shall be paid for carrying out the Club’s work although reasonable expenses (such as postage, excessive telephone bills, or other purchases or costs) which can be clearly demonstrated to be wholly incurred on Club business may be reimbursed at the Committee’s discretion. All such payments shall be recorded in the Club’s books.


10.  Benefits


a)      Club members shall be entitled to discounts on functions organised by the Club and to other benefits as determined by the Committee from time to time.


11.  Rider of the Year


a)      Each year the Club members shall be entitled to vote for both a Senior Rider of the Year and a Junior Rider of the Year, the awards being presented at the Annual Dinner/Dance.


12.  Rules


a)      Any person applying to join the Club shall be assumed to have read these rules and shall be bound by them.

b)      These rules come in to force with effect from January 1999 and may only be varied at either an A.G.M. or an E.G.M.

c)      Any matters not covered by these rules or any matters called for further interpretation shall be determined by the Committee by majority vote.